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PremiereVue Impact-Resistant Windows

The amazing PremierVue products feature strong window frames, highly resistant to impact and very well insulated, to make sure that no debris will get in during a major storm occurs. Silicone glazed glass is used in order to prevent breaking.

Even if the storm debris produces a crack in the glass, the inner layer will keep the window intact and will not allow any wind, water, air or debris infiltration in your home. The PremierVue products, with their vinyl frames, actually exceed the standards, offering protection against small and large missiles, as proven by the tests performed according to the International Building Code and the Miami-Dade and Florida State Product Approval requirements.

How can all of these features prove useful for your home? In case of a hurricane, the glass and the frame will remain intact, no matter how strong the wind or how large the debris, allowing no water or debris penetrations.

You will not need inconvenient roll down shutters, accordion shutters, unappealing panels, plywood or any other type of devices to protect you from hurricane damages. Even when you are far from home, the PremierVue Windows will protect your assets and save you a lot of energy.

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